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Gloss – PVClay, high gloss lacquer for plastic ceramics.

Product, water base, to be applied with a brush or with a compressed air gun (airbrush) on the patterned part that has already been baked. To obtain the maximum surface gloss, the baked piece should be washed with water and detergent, sanded with water, starting with 600, then going to 800 until 1,200.

Drying occurs in approximately 20 minutes in contact with the air (it can not be placed in the oven).

After drying, the finish becomes extremely bright.

It should not be ingested, and auxiliary materials used to work with GLOSS-PVClay, should be used only for this purpose and no longer in food.

High Gloss Varnish for Plastic Ceramics.

Economical packaging with 100 ml.

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