Product warranty PVClay Polymer Clay


Cancellations of orders will be accepted with full refund of amounts paid only if they have not yet been shipped. If they have already been shipped, we request that they be returned in their inviolate packages together with the invoice and the refund will be made subtracting the freight costs.

Returns & Exchanges:

For exchanges and returns the product must be sent in the original packaging and accompanied by the 2nd copy of the invoice. If you do not have the invoice, please make a written purchase statement describing the reasons for the exchange or return. The products that are sent to us by defect will pass through our technical department for evaluation and verification or not of the defect of manufacture. If it is found that there is no defect in the product, Ceramic Plastica PVClay Polymer Clay will arrange for the same product to be sent to the Customer’s address; if the repair of the product is necessary, the deadline for returning the repaired product is 30 days from the date of receipt of the product in our inventory.

Polymer Clay is exempt from the obligation to exchange or repair any product that has been defective due to misuse, according to the evaluation of our technicians. We clarify that even if the request is made within seven calendar days, provided for the withdrawal of the purchase, Loja reserves the right to arrange the repair of the product, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.


To return a product for withdrawal or repentance, the deadline to give up or exchange your purchase is 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product.

The product must be in its original packaging, with no indication of use, without violation of the manufacturer’s original seal, accompanied by its invoice, manual and all accessories. We do not do gifts exchanges.

Refunds: Refund for withdrawal or repentance will occur as follows:

1- Paid Shopping with Credit Card = The Customer may choose to receive a Shopping Vale in the amount paid, to be used in the purchase of any product in the store; Ask the Default Store for a refund of the amount paid on your credit card bill. Caution: Most of the time the chargeback is only computed on the subsequent bill.

2 – Purchases with Boleto Bancário or Depósito = The Client may choose to receive a Shopping Vale in the amount paid, to be used in the purchase of any product in the store;

Request PVClay – Polymer Clay to refund your checking account.
For refund through DOC, it is necessary that the account holder is the same that made the order in the Store.

Vale Compras is valid for 90 days from the date of shipment. If any product has been mistakenly shipped or exchanged for the order, please return it after notifying us by e-mail: .

If our failure is proven, we will reverse all amounts paid.
If you have any questions, please contact us.