How to make

Plastic Ceramics Step by Step

1- How to “Prepare / Condition / Sow” correctly the plastic ceramics PVClay-Polymer Clay before starting the modeling.


2- Tips on Sculptures made of plastic ceramics PVClay-Polymer Clay >>>> Click Here


3- Learn how to bake your pieces so they’re tough.


4- Cindy Lietz, Canadian instructor analyzes PVClay.


5- Edinho Juliotti, founder of PVClay-Polymer Clay, talks to Tacia Duarte and clarifies all doubts about PVClay to model sculptures.


6- Ginger Davis Allman, an American instructor who owns the blog The Blue Bottle Tree reviews PVClay-Polymer Clay. Know her opinion now, Click Here


7- Contos de Contas, youtube channel with various modeling techniques with plastic ceramics PVClay – Polymer Clay, in Portuguese. Click Here


8- Beatriz Cominatto’s video channel with various presentations of modeling techniques and examples of applications in jewelry and jewelry. Click Here