How to buy

Buy in the virtual store of PVClay – Polymer Clay is much simpler than you can imagine!

By following the steps below you will notice that everything has been designed to facilitate your choice, giving you so many alternatives, that you will always be able to find what you are looking for. But, if you prefer to ask questions by phone, call (51) 3273-8625.


At any moment of your browsing the store, you will easily find the goods you are looking for, the features available in the store, the location via Menu or via Busca.

Locating via Menu

It will be in the menu at the top the list of categories that we have, clicking on any one of them will be listed the products related to the selected category.

Finding via Search

Another way is by using the search facility, whose form can be located in the home of our store and described as “What are you looking for?”. You must enter a word that identifies what you are looking for and the system will locate the item, please enter at least 3 characters.


The criterion used in the store is the basis of the shopping cart, interactive method and more suitable to your convenience. This way you can always have control over the products already launched, preventing you from making a mistake of evaluation when choosing the products you want.

Placing products in the cart

Once you’ve found the desired product, click the BUY button. This button is next to the desired product. By clicking on the Buy button, a message will be displayed informing you that the selected product has been added to the cart and you will have the option to Continue Shopping or Finish the Order.

End the order

When you click on Checkout, you will be redirected to a new screen showing the list of products added, where you will have the option to edit your purchase if necessary (Change quantity, delete some item, etc …). On this page, you must provide a valid postal code for the calculation of the freight and choose the delivery method. After this procedure click the CLOSE ORDER button.

Continue shopping

If you want to continue shopping you will be kept on the same page. After entering the necessary products in the cart and want to finalize the purchase, you must locate the shopping cart of the store that may be in the header or the sides of your store.

By clicking on the cart you will be redirected to a new screen showing the list of products added, where you can check the quantity and individual prices of each product, calculate the freight and still change the quantity of some item. You can also delete a product if you want.


On this page you must enter a valid email and click continue to finalize your purchase.


After entering your email and clicking continue, you will be redirected to the Checkout screen. In this screen you will enter your personal data, after you need to confirm your delivery data or change if necessary, after completing this data click the GO TO PAYMENT button.
Enter the payment method you want to finalize the purchase and click the FIND ORDER button.


After finishing your order you will be redirected to the Confirmed Order screen, in this screen you will see the order information as delivery method, payment method, summary of order items etc …
At that moment the order will be placed in our system, being subject to confirmation of payment. You acknowledge and agree that your personal data and your interaction as a buyer on our site are used routinely for verification and approval of your credit at each purchase opportunity, and our company is free to verify the accuracy of all data buyer and credit conditions.