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Gel – PVClay, plastic ceramics in liquid form which is also internationally known as Liquid Polymer Clay.

It is a synthetic product, which hardens after being heated to a temperature of 130 ° C for 15 – 20 minutes in ordinary household ovens (electric or gas).

After curing, it is flexible, totally water resistant and very transparent.

It is non-toxic, not harmful to health, but should not be ingested, and auxiliary materials used to work with the product should only be used for this purpose and no longer in food.

Widely used for image transfer techniques such as adhesive for already roasted plastic ceramics and also as a plastic ceramic softener that presents difficulties to condition because it is very dry.

Liquid Plastic Ceramics also known as Liquid Polymer Clay.

Economical packaging of 100 ml.

Essential accessory for modeling with plastic ceramics.

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