Stainless Steel Rod for Conditioning


  • Measures: 20 cm in length and 2,5 cm in diameter.
  • Economical packaging contains 01 (one) piece.

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Stainless Steel Rod to Condition PVClay

The stainless steel rod for conditioning PVClay is made of non-porous and polished stainless steel. Because of this it is very resistant and has the non-stick surface capable of creating perfectly smooth and uniform PVClay Polymer Clay plates.

Used to condition PVClay before starting to model or even to mix two or more PVClay colors. Watch our video How to Condition PVClay on the home page of this website.

Its dimensions, 20 cm in length and 2,5 cm in diameter, favor the conditioning work on a work surface that is preferably smooth and resistant, such as a tile or a tempered glass plate. Wood should not be used as the work surface because the wood has porosities and absorbs part of the oils that are present in the PVClay composition. The PVClay can stick and stain the next colors that will be conditioned.

Stainless Rod PVClay is a very simple yet essential tool for modeling with Polymer Clay. It is a great investment especially for beginners and even after you have advanced your skills and gained experience in modeling, Stainless Rod PVClay will continue to be useful in future projects and will be used quite frequently. Also remember that it is a very durable tool.

To clean, it's very easy. All you have to do is use a cloth with alcohol or use wet wipes. Avoid using abrasive cleaning sponges that can scratch the surface of the rod.

Medidas: 25 cm de comprimento e 2,5 cm de diâmetro.

Economical packaging contains 01 (one) piece.


Additional information

Weight 0.325 kg
Dimensions 25 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

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