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Gel PVClay 

Polymer Clay in pasty form, PVClay Gel, which is also known as Liquid Polymer Clay.

Synthetic product, which hardens after being heated to a temperature of 130 ° C for 15 - 20 minutes in ordinary household ovens (electric or gas).

After curing, it is flexible, totally water resistant and very transparent.

It is non-toxic, not harmful to health, but should not be ingested. Auxiliary materials used to work with the product should only be used for this purpose and no longer in food.

It is widely used in Modeling Techniques that use Polymer Clay type modeling mass, such as:

  • Image Transfers, a technique that allows you to transfer an image made in Xerox type copiers (colored or Black and White) to the PVClay that has been conditioned and extended on the work surface in the form of a straight plate before being baked.
  • Adhesive for polymer clay already baked. Glue one piece of PVClay already baked with another also already baked. Grease the parts to be glued with PVClay Gel and then place in the preheated oven at 130 ° C for 30 minutes for glue to occur.
  • É possível também reforçar a aderência de massas cruas untando com Gel PVClay a área de contato da colagem. Asse normalmente para que ocorra o endurecimento definitivo dos produtos.
  • Softener for polymer clay that presents difficulties to condition because it is very dry. Drip three or four droplets into a 56-gram block. Evaluate the result before adding more drops of PVClay Gel. See here the Tips of the Instructor Beatriz Cominatto
  • Utilizado em conjunto com Tintas Artísticas base Óleo para pinturas de peças feitas com PVClay, assadas ou não. Sugestão inicial de mistura: 4 partes do Gel-PVClay para 1 parte da Tinta Artística base Óleo. Faça testes antes de utilizar nas peças produzidas.

You can also find tutorials in the Playlist "Advanced Polymer Clay Modeling Techniques" which is available on the PVClay YouTube Channel.

PVClay Gel is a Fundamental Accessory for modelers who use polymer clay.

Economical packaging contains 100 ml.

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