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PVClay-Sculpture Gray Firm Color was formulated especially for making dolls and sculptures, realistic, caricatures and reborns.

It is easy to condition without losing the condition of being firm enough not to warp the modeled details.

The PVClay - Firm Gray has firmer consistency for sculptors looking to make extremely fine and delicate details in their sculptures.

The translucent color that is used a lot to "dilute" colors so that a certain degree of transparency is achieved in the resulting color (use the blocks' buds as a recipe guide).

After the modeling is finished, it is necessary to heat the piece in a common kitchen oven (gas or electric), at 130ºC for 30 minutes, to permanently harden.

The pieces when cooled have practically no contraction, become unbreakable and are totally resistant to water, can be sanded, polished, varnished (use PVClay - Gloss), sawn, painted and even returned to the oven for the application of some detail of raw PVClay.


PVClay Polymer Clay for crafts and doll making and sculptures, realistic, caricatures and reborns.

Economical packaging containing a unit weighing 456 grams.

Before star modeling, it is necessary to Condition the PVClay correctly to achieve the appropriate elasticity.

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After the modeling is done it is necessary to take to the oven (common of kitchen, gas or electric) to bake properly and to harden definitively.

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