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PVClay Decor-56 grams 44-Lilac, polymer clay made in Brazil, developed to be used in modeling techniques such as Millefiori, Mokume-Gane, Mica-Shift, among others, which will be used in the manufacture of jewelry, semi-jewels, costume jewelry, ornaments for decoration of environments, etc ...

You can combine two or more colors to form a new, unique color. In its presentation eight divisions are observed, which are useful to facilitate the composition of new and exclusive colors. For example, two divisions of 01-White added with a division of 02-Black will result and a gray that does not exist in the available PVClay colors.

Before starting the modeling it is necessary to condition it so that it reaches the correct point of malleability and elasticity.

The molded part hardens only after it has been heated in an oven and may be the same as the ordinary (gas or electric) oven at a temperature of 130 ° C for approximately 30 minutes.

The pieces when cooled have practically no contraction, become unbreakable and are totally water resistant, can be sanded, polished, varnished (use PVClay Gloss), sawn, painted and even returned to the oven for the application of some detail of raw polymer clay.

It is non-toxic, non-healthful, but should not be ingested, and auxiliary materials such as rolls, cutters, baking machines, baking sheets and processors used to work the dough should only be used for this purpose and no longer in foods .


The color of this product belongs to the Neutral Colors group.

Polymer Clay for Crafts.
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Product Dimensions: 55 x 53 x 15 mm

Before star modeling, it is necessary to Condition the PVClay correctly to achieve the appropriate elasticity.

Here's how to do it >>>> Click here 

After the modeling is done, it is necessary to take it into the gas or electric oven to Bake Properly and definitely harden.

Here's how to do it >>>> Click here 

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