1- Gel PVClay, plastic ceramics in liquid form, used for:

  • To soften and make the Plastic Ceramics more malleable.
  • Image Transfer Techniques made with color or black and white xerox.
  • As glue to reinforce the union between plastics roasted plastics with raw plastics.
  • As glue for plastic ceramic baked with plastic pot roast also.


2- Gloss PVClay, used as:

  • High gloss varnish specially developed for use on PVClay – Polymer Clay after roasting.


3- Lamina Flexível de Aço, used to:

  • Special cuts in modeling made with PVClay – Polymer Clay that has not yet been baked.


4- Pigmentos,  used for:

  • Special metallic or pearlescent effects on the surface of shaped products that have not yet been baked.